struggles, struggling, struggled
1) VERB If you struggle to do something, you try hard to do it, even though other people or things may be making it difficult for you to succeed.

[V prep] They had to struggle against all kinds of adversity...

[V to-inf] Those who have lost their jobs struggle to pay their supermarket bills. [Also V]

2) N-VAR: oft N prep, N to-inf A struggle is a long and difficult attempt to achieve something such as freedom or political rights.

Life became a struggle for survival.

...a young lad's struggle to support his poverty-stricken family...

He is currently locked in a power struggle with his Prime Minister.

3) VERB If you struggle when you are being held, you twist, kick, and move violently in order to get free.

I struggled, but he was a tall man, well-built.

4) V-RECIP If two people struggle with each other, they fight.

[pl-n V] She screamed at him to `stop it' as they struggled on the ground...

[pl-n V for n] We were struggling for the gun when it went off!...

[V with n] There were signs that she struggled with her attacker.

Struggle is also a noun.

He died in a struggle with prison officers less than two months after coming to Britain.

5) VERB If you struggle to move yourself or to move a heavy object, you try to do it, but it is difficult.

[V to-inf] I could see the young boy struggling to free himself...

[V prep] I struggled with my bags, desperately looking for a porter.

6) VERB If you struggle somewhere, you succeed in moving there, but only with great difficulty.

[V prep/adv] The pilot struggled out of the wreck almost uninjured...

[V prep/adv] Catherine struggled to her feet...

[V prep/adv] I struggled into a bathrobe and staggered down the stairs.

7) VERB: only cont If a person or organization is struggling, they are likely to fail in what they are doing, even though they might be trying very hard.

[V to-inf] The company is struggling to find buyers for its new product...

[V prep] One in five young adults was struggling with everyday mathematics...

By the 1960s, many shipyards were struggling.

8) N-SING: a N An action or activity that is a struggle is very difficult to do.

Losing weight was a terrible struggle.

Phrasal Verbs:

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